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That politician is an old fox. The water levels in these rivers are different. Ken likes camping.

Suddenly, he took out a ring, kneeled on the ground, and asked me to marry him. I'd like to get started.

We'll survive. Perhaps you would be happier in another job. Was anybody among your relatives ill with cancer? Swamy gazed at Sedat. We're playing on the computer. I need you to tell me the truth.

The traffic signal is green. She's awesome. Do you need any money? I've got a ton of work to do. Jwahar put some branches into the wood chipper. There's bamboo growing in the garden. Naim doesn't want to get in trouble again.

Dewey appeared on the steps.

Where do I sign? I didn't want that job. I scarcely slept a wink. This table is full of woodworm.

I've tried it. It wouldn't be any fun. I need to quit. The students protested against the unfair exam. I didn't want this. They have erected a new government. Jennie used to bring me here. They agreed to form a joint partnership.

Dimetry was about to leave the house. I want to take your temperature. She can fix the heater. We were both shocked. So they were married, and lived happily for many years, and reigned wisely over their kingdom.

I've heard all kinds of stupid things, but your idea has broken all records. They had to abandon their vehicles in the snow. You intimidate Jeanne. What time does the parking lot close? They shake hands instead of bowing. Curtis and I used to work together. Sheila is so desperate in her search for a husband - she's decided to have a blind date! I've been blessed. He works until midnight.

Halloween is around the corner. Hurf said he'd be able to help us. Spencer was extremely popular with all the girls. Let me show you how it's done. He was becoming forgetful, which bothered him a lot. Put the vegetables in the strainer. I think I've made myself clear. I'm sorry it took so long.

No matter how much I think about it, I don't understand it. We are looking forward to our uncle's visit. I'm twelve. Why didn't you just pay him? I will go, rain or shine. They went on board a liner. Of course, Radek was invited. Whatever story I tell, my mom believes me.

Can I stay a little longer? She was angry to find the door locked.

Perhaps it will rain in the afternoon. Were you with Loyd that evening? Why do you want to talk to me? It's very gray outside. I don't approve of his decision. Even though he apologized, I'm still furious. Can I drink alcohol? I had a couple of questions, but I didn't ask them. We can see Mt. Fuji in the distance. I'm sure we should've turned left back there.

The "People's Choice" award, by public polling, was announced again this year and Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts were selected as the most popular male, and female, film actors. Dan took a picture of the license plate.

We need some answers. How many tickets did you buy? What'll I tell Elric?

How about a cup of tea? A squirrel is hopping over the mossy logs. The eagle is white. I don't owe Miriam anything. He robbed me of my new watch. Would you go to the supermarket and get some butter? Is that what you really want?