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I was very sad when Joyce died. Anderson doesn't know how deep the pool is. I'm still on vacation. The car labored up the hill. Jakob advised Jerald to study harder. We got together for short meeting after dinner. Hiroyuki promised that he would be more careful in the future. Few things can compare to the joy on your child's face as they open their Christmas presents.

Today I feel much better. Something unexpected has happened. When has he ever done anything for me? I'm brave. I've given Murph something to eat. We should give Nils a chance to confess. Leif and Terri split the bill. We need transportation. Could you please confirm the price for this? Are you freezing?

Is that what you told Piercarlo to say?

That child put his playthings away. It's dangerous to jump off a moving train. No, you won't. Who cared? Yes, it's so lovely night. How's your patient? The Dodgers and Giants, traditional rivals, arrived together. She used to love that.

We must provide for old age. I began to speak.

I wonder why the train is late. I've considered all of those possibilities. Who can speak both Chinese and Japanese? We're not terminating you.

Come on, you can have a swim in my pool. The children are learning the multiplication tables by heart. The trains goes to Riga Station. I hope you can do this. Does it taste good? I'm very happy now. How about going for a walk?

The minister appointed one of his cronies to a key position. This is really interesting. Let's see what Monty wants. Don't your neighbors ever complain? We need to get going.

Perhaps I should bake a cake today. You'll get through this. That just sounds funny. I'm not sure Laurence is going to be there. Omar didn't work on Monday night. It's strawberry season. Drinking is harmful for your health. Anderson and Kevyn were trapped in the elevator for three hours. We want a woman who's good at cooking. There are gorgeous flowers in the garden.

Go back to the lab. Application developers decided to use a functional programming language. Every penny counts. He's doing a handstand. I learned French very quickly. Bernie doesn't have much money in the bank. I am staying at a hotel in New York.

Glenn has three cousins.

Casey forgot to bring an umbrella.

He substituted for his father. We do this every Monday. Who would know that?